Attorney general Texas

Attorney general Texas

Hi Guys In today’s post I will discuss attorney general Texas. The attorney general of Texas is a statewide elected executive officer whose main job is to enforce the laws of the state. The office is responsible for ensuring that Texans are safe and secure advocating for them in court enforcing consumer protection laws and overseeing the state’s criminal justice system. The current attorney general of Texas is Ken Paxton.

Attorney general Texas candidates

The Texas Attorney General is the state’s chief law enforcement officer and lawyer. The officeholder is responsible for protecting Texans from consumer fraud, environmental abuses, and other violations of the law. The Attorney General also provides legal representation for the state in lawsuits, defends public officials from civil suits filed against them while in office, and advises local governments on legal matters. The Texas Attorney General is elected to a four-year term by popular vote on a partisan ballot.

Attorney general Texas lawsuit

In the lawsuit, Attorney General Ken Paxton argues that the city of Austin is discriminating against drivers and business owners with its ordinance requiring drivers to wait for a signal before turning left. The attorney general’s office filed the lawsuit in Travis County District Court on Tuesday. The lawsuit asks an Austin judge to strike down the ordinance, which it claims violates state law.

How to contact the Attorney General’s Office in Texas


There are many ways to contact the attorney general office in texas

There are the numbers

  1. The Number First One is (512) 463-2100.
  2. And for Crime Victims (800) 983-9933.
  3. Consumer Protection (800) 621-0508.
  4. For Toll-Free (800) 252-8011.
  5. For Child Support Enforcement: (800) 252-8014.

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