Facebook Announced Monetization in Pakistan

Facebook Announced Monetization in Pakistan

Hi Guys, in this blog post, you will learn about fantastic news which was given to Pakistan. By the META Company which owns Facebook. A few days ago, Facebook Announced Monetization in Pakistan. Pakistani people will be able to make money online from their Facebook Page. So they monetize the Facebook page with ads.

This is really positive news for Pakistanis. Because they will be able to earn money from Facebook like other countries. They are making money from Facebook and the good thing about Facebook is that you can get even more views on videos. So Compared with YouTube and other social media platforms.

Requirements for monetization     

There is a requirement you need to complete on your Facebook page. In order to monetize your Facebook page with ads. Your Facebook Page must have unique videos. which are not been copied from other Facebook pages. So your videos need to be engaging for the audience on Facebook as well. this uniqueness is the biggest requirement on Facebook because you will benefit a lot if you upload unique and engaging videos on your Facebook page.

Monetization Needs

Your Facebook page must have at least ten thousand followers and at least six lakh minutes of watch time. in total on your Facebook page. As well as this, your Facebook page must include three active videos.

If you meet this requirement listed above, you will be able to monetize your Facebook page but you will have to wait ten days and in the middle of March, Facebook is most likely to enable monetization for Facebook pages and people in Pakistan will be able to make a big amount of revenue on their Facebook page.

Facebook Community Standards

Your Facebook page needs to have a professional logo.  The really good banner tells the audience on Facebook what you will upload videos about and you can also add the name of the topic in the name section of your Facebook page and write a good description of your Facebook page. As well as this, you can add the link of your youtube channel so you can get more views on your youtube videos as well as your Facebook page. This will allow you to make money on two platforms which are your Facebook Page and your YouTube CHANNEL.

This is really exciting news for Pakistan because people will be able to make millions of dollars from their Facebook page and online earnings will help their financial condition.

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Facebook Monetization policy

I hope that you really enjoyed learning about the big news to make money from Facebook by monetizing your Facebook page in Pakistan.

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