Healthy Living Tips – How to Live Your Best Life

Healthy Living Tips – How to Live Your Best Life

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Healthy Living Tips - How to Live Your Best Life - 5 Tips to remain Healthy

Healthy Living Tips – How to Live Your Best Life 

Health and Beauty Tips 5, Stay Healthy

In this article today we are going to talk about Beauty and Health Tips We will share with you 5 tips to remain Healthy and Beautiful.  

To Health life is a new article hope you liked this we are sharing some more health & beauty tips in this article this is health & beauty tips part 5.

Number one eating food is the best way one should always have food that is hot food that gets easily digested by the body always has a good sitting posture when eating.

As it helps in smooth movement of the food to stomach you should enjoy your food make sure you have everything you need before you start having food you should not leave your seat till you have finished your food do not have curd or you eat after sunset keep a gap between two meals and finish your food at least two hours before going to sleep.

The food you eat will not get digested properly if taken just before sleep never eat in a hurry there are food items that you need to chew up to 30 times before swallowing you can end up choking yourself if trying to eat in a hurry you should also avoid talking while having food for the same reason you should walk for a couple of minutes after having your meal.
Healthy Living Tips – How to Live Your Best Life
Health and Beauty Tips 5, Stay Healthy

This helps in digestion number two taking care of high blood pressure one should take good care of health it is advised to have your regular body chicks at least once a year for heart-related issues.

It is advised to have checkups done every six months if you are suffering from high blood pressure you should try to find the root cause of the issue and try to deal with the issue itself you can take garlic to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level it is ideal to take one garlic clove with water.

In the morning when you wake up alternatively you can also have garlic as a part of cooked vegetable garlic is also rich in antioxidants number three taking care of allergies to take care of your allergies you can try ginger Amla tea ginger is known for its various benefits to the body it gives a soothing relief to the respiratory system during cough and cold Amla is good for health.

As Amla is a rich source of vitamin C Amla also balances stomach acid enhances fertility increases skin health is good for hair Amla is a good antioxidant and flushes out toxins from the body you have to use ginger and Amla in a powdered form to reap the health benefits mix 25 gram of ginger powder with 50-gram amla powder keep it in an airtight container away from light and moisture.

How to use take 250 milliliters water bring it to a boil add 1tsp around a gram of ginger Amla powder add sugar to taste turn the gas to low and let the mixture simmer for 5 to 10 minutes you can drink this herbal tea without straining number four use probiotics to improve your health you can take a probiotic every day probiotic help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

It also helps in maintaining the superior ratio of good bacteria in our guts when our digestive tract is healthy it is able to eliminate harmful things from our body for example chemicals toxins and some harmful bacteria probiotics further help us in fighting against conditions such as diarrhea bloating abdominal pain probiotics also improves liver function and increases our immunity level because of a healthy stomach we are able to absorb most of the nutrients from food.

Healthy Living Tips – How to Live Your Best Life 

How to Increase Immune System?

This improves our energy level yogurt pickles are an example of natural probiotics you can also use common probiotics that suits your toys number five stay cool and lose weight want to lose weight and want to stay cool as well the next tip is just for you take a large cucumber peel it and cut in small pieces take around 100 gram of watermelon to take only the red part to remove all seeds put cucumber and watermelon pieces in a blender you can add 3 to 4 mint leaves you can also add a small amount of lemon juice to it.

Healthy Living Tips – How to Live Your Best Life 

Health and Beauty Tips 5, Stay Healthy 

This juice is high in fiber and thus helps in weight loss as well as improving the digestion of both cucumber and watermelon and a high in water content they will keep your body hydrated this juice is also helpful in removing toxins from the body watermelon helps in lowering the blood pressure it also helps in increasing the urine flow without putting pressure on kidneys watermelon also regulates alkaline and acid balance of the body watermelon has a good amount of vitamin C which helps in improving our immune system.

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