How To Be Uber Driver

Hi Guys Junaid here guys today we’re going to go over the requirements to know How To Be Uber Driver. So becoming an uber driver is a pretty straightforward and simple process. So there are certain age requirements vehicle requirements you have to pass a background check.

Uber Driver Age Requirments

but let’s jump into the first requirement which is the age requirement. So In order to become a driver, you must meet the minimum age as required by your particular city. This could vary by city typically its 21 years of age or older. And you have to have at least three years of us driving experience. Because Or you can be 23 years of age or older with only one or more years of our driving experience.

Other Uber Driver Requirments

All right some other requirements you must have an in-state driver’s license. you need to have in-state personal auto insurance and your name must be listed on the insurance card if you do want to go. Because Above and beyond with something much safer and smarter than personal insurance you can actually go with commercial insurance.  your car needs to be registered in-state. but it does not need to have your name on it.

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background check requirements

So Now for the background check requirements, you will need a clean driving record. And you’ll need to provide your social security number to process the background check, the company that processes the checks is called checker. If you have any problems with the background check you can email them or call them. Alright and as far as the specifics of the background check it will look over your past seven years and make sure you have

  1. no drug-related offenses.
  2. There is no history of reckless driving no fatal accidents
  3. no criminal record alright so those are the personal requirements now let’s look at the

vehicle requirements

  1. the vehicle must have four doors and be able to transport a minimum of four passengers.
  2. the model must be 15 years old or newer the title cannot be salvaged reconstructed or rebuilt.
  3. rental vehicles except for those from an approved uber lender are not allowed.
  4. and your vehicle cannot have any cosmetic damage missing pieces commercial branding or taxi paint jobs.
  5. if you don’t have an eligible vehicle there are numerous rideshare leasing and rental programs to choose from and if you want you can take a look.

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at our uber vehicle marketplace to this in all right now something that gets asked a lot about the vehicle age is say you’re you sign up to drive for uber and your vehicle is not 15 years of age or older it’s approved. and then a couple of years after you’re driving your vehicle does uh reach that limit it does reach 15 years of age. will uber send you warnings to let you know when it’s time to replace your vehicle. we have heard from drivers that they do send warnings as much as six months in advance if your vehicle is too old the best way to prepare is just anticipate that date know that your vehicle is going to be too old and have some backup plan.

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a new vehicle  maybe your spouse’s vehicle maybe a friend’s vehicle and you can use someone else’s vehicle to drive for uber as long as it meets the vehicle requirements.and you do have your name on the insurance card alright now as far as rideshare insurance uber does not require you to have any specific rideshare insurance but your insurance provider will probably not provide you as a rideshare driver unless you add a ride share endorsement or find some rideshare specific policy the thing you’re going to want to do is reach out to your current insurance provider let them know you’re you’re thinking of becoming a rideshare driver and that you’d like to add a rideshare.

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