How To Calculate Percentage

 How To Calculate Percentage..


What is percentage & how to calculate percentage..

Calculating percentage is a essential part of mathematics. Percentage Bessically, describe the ratio of quantity. Its help us to find out the average of quantity. In this post, I’ll tell you what is percentage and how to calculate percentage.


Percentages are the number or ratio that describes as part of 100 or we also called it ratio in which value of whole remain 100. We usually, known percentage as “%” in decimal. it’s represented as simple digits. An example of percentage is 100% or 100 percent. In some places, you see some percentages written in shape of this 👉 “100 percent”, this explain the percentage in words and some places, you see percentages in this shape 👉 100%, this explain percentage in decimal.

Bessically, the word “Percentage” is coming from Latin language. In English we known percentage as “Hundred”. Some examples of percentage which explain the meanings of it is following..



60 percent or 60% = means 60 out of 100
40 percent or 40% = means 40 out of 100

How to calculate percentage..


Guys, hopefully you’ll understand besics of “Percentage”. Now comes to our main topic, “How to calculate percentage”. Calculate percentage means that find out whole ratio of quantity, in terms of 100. Today’s, we known many calculators like Percentage Calculator which give you percentage within a second but in this article I’ll tell you how to calculate percentage manually with following steps..


There is only three types problems of percentage in mathematics..


1. Find out the last number
2. Find out percentage
3. Find out begin number


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Find out percentage of last number?


If you want to find out last number or digits what will you do? So, let’s solve this problem with an example. Let’s take example of “What is 100% of 50?” For this question first, you have to multiply 100 or 1 by 50 you’ll get answer of 50. So, after solution you can say that 50 is 100% of 50.


How to calculate percentage

How to calculate percentage?


In find out percentage you have to finding the number in percentage. Let’s take an example,
“What is percent of 5 out of 10?” For solving this question first, you have to divide 5 with 10. When you’ll multiply you’ll get answer of 0.5. after getting this, multiply 0.5 with 100 you’ll get 50% answers. So, 5 is 50% of 10.



How to calculate percentage of begin number?


For find out percentage of begin number let’s take an example, find out begin number of 20 if percentage is 50 or what is 100% of 20 if 20 is 50%?. For solving this first, you have to divide whole giving number by the given percentage. So, first divide the value 20 with given percentage 50% or 50. You’ll get answer of 0.4. Then multiply 0.4 with 100 you’ll get 40. This means that 20 is 50% of 40.


How to calculate percentage


So guys, by follow these 3 steps you can find out any percentage. Hope you guys like our today blog. For more informative blogs keep following our website..

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