How To Clean Air Pods – Clean Airpods

How To Clean Air Pods – Clean Airpods

Hi Everyone So in today’s Blog you learn How to clean Air Pods Max and Ear Pods. this is probably for people who bought the unsilver or white ones. so I’m really just going to follow the guide that Apple has on their website.

       Clean Your Air Pods Max

  • so in a clean container mix, one tablespoon of liquid laundry turns it into one cup of water I think that’s enough. Maybe that’s Better.
  •   use a toothpick to mix this up okay remove the cushions from the ear cups okay that’s easy enough.
  • dip a lint-free cloth into the soapy water solution ring it out slightly rub the cloth on the cushions and headband gently for one. minute each so I’m pretty sure you can use a microfiber cloth for this so i’m just going to go ahead.
  • get a microfiber cloth that i have lying around okay I put a towel on the table because i don’t want to damage the actual countertop itself but i’m just going to go ahead.
  • dip this in the solution and clean it for a minute and see what happens.

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Clean the cushions and headband of your AirPods Max

  • The Next Step is wipe the cushions and headband with a clean cloth that’s lightly dampened with fresh water.
  • now cleaning this right now i don’t know if the gray microfiber cloth is just rubbing off on the cushions but it looks like it’s turning gray a little bit but we’ll see when.
  • so for the next step it says dry the cushions and headband not the headband in my case with a soft dry lint-free cloth making sure to remove any excess moisture so i think you can just use any dry part of the microfiber cloth you have.
  • and the last step is lay your air pods flat to dry for at least a day before you reattach the cushions and use them again.

I would say the guide on apple’s website is pretty true to how to clean these. don’t think you need to wait 24 hours honestly. yeah I mean they look so much cleaner. now than before it was pretty disgusting yeah they look good again nice. so it’s nice that you can actually clean these off pretty easily .yeah this is solid to clean the actual case itself they just say use alike microfiber cloth wipe it down soap and water.  . I forgot I couldn’t even hear myself speak that entire time with these Also Learn This From Apple Offical Website .

yeah this is how you clean your AirPods maxes your cushions like i said i feel like this is only going to be an issueif you get the silver or the white ones if you get like blue-green black i think it’s space gray it’s the proper color i think they have like orange or red


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