How To Create An NFT

How To Create An NFT..

Hi Friend This Is Junaid khan. And today in this Blog i am ready to Explain How to create an NFT. So All listen on News Everyday Some is selling their Nft of Millions of Dollars. You Have a question in your Mind what is Nft how people Earn From IT. So Dont worry your Wait is over. This article is going to go over how to create an NFT and some basic things you should know before creating one.


How To Sell An NFT

Selling of Nft has Minor fee. But there are many Platform that provide free NFT creation. Most of Nft are sell on etherium that has minor fee. These fee among the gas you need for the everything on Nft wheatear is selling Of transferring NFT that Cost Minor fee.

Platform Of Selling NFT

There Are many platform Where you Sell NFt.i am Here to Explain all. The world Most Trusted and and authentic platform of Selling NFT is and rarible it both cost nothing but a minor gas fee.

Does We Mint An NFT

Yes technically its possible to Mint NFt. Because its decentralized system. Its deep end its complicated that’s why most of the peoples you platforms l.these platform has minor fees but easy to set up account and start selling

How To Create An NFT Wallet

Setting up wallet wallets are the applications that used to store crypto and nfts.coinbase expain it in deatils how the wallet work.meta masks wallet is one of the top wallet that support applications like open sea.

How to Create An NFT

Before Creating NFt You Have to Connect to wallets. Creating nft a word of collection if you want to create series of Nft you can use collection to do so. Which nft you are creating adderes to the open sea. Then you have go to your profile picture. Then go the collection and Create finally Get stared our Nft after that you can list it to the open sea For selling. To understand NFTs you need to understand Fungibility, because they are built off of it – but more on that later.

Fungibility is the quality of not being able to be distinguished from one another. It’s a big word, but it means that the same token can be exchanged for something different, however in doing so it will be determined in some way.

Fungibility means that you can use the same token to buy and sell different things, depending on its quality. If we were to say that Bitcoin is not fungible then there would be no reason to accept them as payment for goods and services.

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So let’s say for example you buy a gun with your Bitcoins, but then you wanted to buy a car from someone else, they wouldn’t take it because they know that those Bitcoins have been used for the purchase of a different type of good. This is why fungibility is important. This process is a bit complicated. But if you follows true guide its so easy to do this.Hopefully you learn A lot of from today’s Blog. If you like then comment below thanks for reading.


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