How To Create Facebook Page

How To Create Facebook Page..

Hi guys, welcome to my website. Hopefully your are doing well. Today I bring a informative topic for you which will be very useful for you. Today, I’ll tell you how to create your own Facebook page. Guys as you know that, Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform which have 5Billion+ users. 2.6Billion people active on Facebook daily basis. You can imagine how this is famous and largest social media platform. Now we’ll talk about how can you create your own Facebook page and why you need this.

Benifits of creating Facebook page..

Facebook influencer..

If you have a page on Facebook and have big number of traffic or followers. So, your are the FB influencer. People will follow your lifestyle, work and your advice. If you have a big number of followers then businessman will contact to you and asking you for permote thier business. Many brands will make contact with your and ask you for permote thier products. So, you can think how much benifit is becoming facebook influencer.

Permote Your Business..

Big benefit of making FB page is permote your business. You can increase your business income by permote your business on your FB page. If you have a traffic on your FB page then you have big opportunity to permote your business on FB. Permoting your product on FB makes your busines a brand which will be very useful for you.

Earn Money By Monatize Your Page..

If you have 20000+ followers on your FB page and have 10000+ views on your 4 to 5 videos then you can apply for monatization of your page. If FB approved your monatization request then you’ll earn money by ads. Thousands of people earn money through their monatized pages.

Permote Your Business By Running Ads..

If you wants to permote your business on FB first you must have FB page then you can running ads of your pages. You just have to pay some money to FB for running ads then you’ll FB will bring traffic on your page through which your product sale will increase. This is big benifit of making FB page.

Process of Creating FB page..

Now come to our main topic how we can make FB page. I’ll tell you complete process step by step with the help of screenshot which make easy for you to understand..

1. First you have to open your Facebook account. Then click on three lines on the top of your right side.


2. After click on three lines you’ll some to other page and you’ll see “Pages” option here click on it.


3. Now click on “Create” option as you can see below in Screenshot.


4. You’ll see now “Get Started” icon press on it.


5. On n page you have to enter your page name. Just click on it and add you page name.


6. Next, you have to select category. You have to tell on which category your pages basis on.


7. If you have Your own website or YouTube channel then add link on next option.


8. In the end you have to add your page profile and click on “Done” icon then your page will created.


This is the complete process of creating FB page. Hopefully you like our today’s topic. For more informative blog keep following our website. Thanks!




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