How to download GB WhatsApp APK

How to download GB WhatsApp APK


As you know whatsapp is the most valuable app in the world. It’s connect people eachother you can communicate to your beloved through WhatsApp in all over the world. This app attach people with voice call, video call and chats. It’s make association very easy for all the people in the world. Today we will talk on whatsapp GB this is the another version of WhatsApp if you wants more features in WhatsApp then you could download WhatsApp GB. This app have many new feature which makes you very excited.

GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp APK

This app have many new feature and updates which other have no like, Double tick hide, Themes, Hide online status, Use you account for business, Business Tools and many more. So this features makes this app very comfert and easy for the people thus people like this app very much. The best and important thing of this app is its privacy policy is very strict and your data is very save in this app.


You should try this app and should enjoy the latest features of WhatsApp. This is the very impressive version of WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp has 10M+ downloader In all over the world and it’s increasing day by day because of it brilliant coustamized features.

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Features of GB WhatsApp


This app has amazing font there is many font on it you can select which you like and make your whatsapp font styles more delight.

Hide blue tick..

If you not want to give anyone answers so you can hide to blue tick. This make you more comfert and easy.

Profile change Notification..

The latest feature on this app is if anyone on your contact list change their profile so you’ll get notification that your one of yours contact has change profile.

Not show your status..

If you don’t want to show your status to anyone person you can hide your status your status will not show to selected person. This save your privacy.

Download other status..

This one of amazing feature of this all is you can download other status. If you see status of other and you like it so you could download that status keep that status save to you.

Version Of App

This all have 8 version which is following

  • V.7.10
  •  V.7.99
  •  V.8.5
  • V.8.20
  • V.7.20
  • V.8.0
  •  V.8.10
  • V.9.5

This the total 8 version of GB whatsapp which has been launched and every version have different impressive features that makes this all more popular day by day..

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