How to Download WhatsApp Web for Web Apps

How to Download WhatsApp Web for Web Apps

Hi, Guys Junaid Khan Here With a new post on How to Download WhatsApp Web for Web Apps. Many people want to use WhatsApp on Their other phones. so in this post, you learn how to do this So without any delay let’s get started.


Multiple WhatsApp account management tools with new many features

  1. So What’s new in this application.
  2. do you want to save anyone’s status
  3. if you want to recover deleted messages
  4. are you able to manage more than one WhatsApp account on a single device
  5. So these all features are available in this application

                              App Name

Whats Web

                                    Current Version
Size 15 MB

Whats Web Application Download Here

1) WhatsApp Management Tool:

Manage your  Personal and Professional Account: the question is  Have you tried to manage more than one  WhatsApp account on one app the answer is  Yes, it’s possible to login into more than one account without facing any issues.

2) Want to Restored WhatsApp Deleted Messages:

the actual thing is this feature has excellent features in the market. no one is able to recover their friends’ deleted messages. When anyone sends a message and deletes it without being seen by the user, then the message text shows like ‘this message is deleted’, right. So you are able to can recover these messages without your knowing friends that you are aware of what deleted.

3) WhatsApp Status Saver feature:

the other excellent feature is your WhatsApp is Click and you will be able to save the status  You will see all the statuses choose and download with one tap and share with your friends also.

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