How to increase immunity naturally || 5 Immunity Booster for Covid

How to increase immunity naturally || 5 Immunity Booster for Covid

Increase Immunity

If you want to increase your immunity and are on this article then you definitely want to know that what should we eat so that we can quickly increase our immunity so now listen to it carefully you have to add probiotic food supplements in your diet the probiotic supplements are the fermented food items such as idli dose common or the kimchi kefir or the most common that is curd or yogurt which has two important benefits that first it contains vitamin  B12.

Some micronutrients are essential for increasing our blood in our body and second that is it contains probiotic bacteria are the good bacteria.

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How to increase immunity?
5 Immunity Booster for Covid

Which are able to increase the immunity in our gut and the second thing that we have to take healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids which are rich in almonds walnuts and the most important in the flax seeds so by taking these ingredients on our daily basis we can increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acid in our body and that will increase our metabolism and our immunity.

The most important thing that we have to include at least 50 percent of fruits and vegetables in our daily diet for example if we take one kg of total meal in a whole day then we have to include at least 500 grams of raw fruits and vegetables in it especially the fruits which are rich in vitamin  C that is very important for immunity.

How to increase immunity naturally || 5 Immunity Booster for Covid

How to increase immunity?

The fruits which are colorful such as red-orange green are very important because they contain beta-carotene which is very important for our immunity and the 50 meal which we take with these raw fruits and vegetables should contain more amount of protein in it because protein also plays a very important role in our immunity and make sure that you have to reduce the amount of salt, oil, and sugar in your daily diet.

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Because they are the risk aspect for the heart attack diseases and for the obesity also and with obesity there are lots of problems which are coming with you such as diabetes high blood pressure arthritis and many more and one more important thing that you have to replace cold water with the warm water because warm water helps in continuing the body temperature and that will also help in growing your immunity.

But now I have a very significant query from you imagine that a soldier is in front of you.

You are giving him proper nourishment proper nutrition and his body has become very solid, okay but you are not giving him proper sleep the stress and anxiety are roaming around him constipation the chronic constipation is with that soldier, and due to that the soldier is not able to train himself for the war the exercise routine and many more things so my question is that soldier is able to fight effectively in a war.

How to increase immunity?
5 Immunity Booster for Covid

The answer is no because the soldier is totally tired from inside the soldier has no power to fight with his enemies and if still, he goes for the war he will defeat it as such occurs with our body if we take proper nourishment proper nutrients but we are not taking proper sleep the constipation is with us and the stress and anxiety are roaming around on our head.

Then we are not able to have a good immunity so these four things are also more important that we have to cover the first thing that we have to add at least one hour for exercise in our daily routines in 24 hours we have to add at least one hour of exercise the benefits of exercise you all know I don’t have to explain it here and the second thing that you have to clear your constipation because due to constipation lots of problems will come with you because the garbage is still in your stomach and if the garbage is there most of the energy of your body is consumed in pushing the garbage out from your body.

As you had seen in many cases the persons which are a patient of chronic constipation they have a very dull face very less energized phase because their total energy is engaged in that waste and from inside they are facing a lack of energy and the immunity also goes down this is like a situation when your soldier is engaged in household works and is not free to fight with the infections which are coming from outside and the final two points are related with each other that is stress management and a night of good sleep.

Because the person, who are suffering from stress and anxiety does not have a good night’s sleep so stress management is a very important work that you have to work for your body.

Because due to stress lots of bad hormones are released in your body and that creates the immunity decrease-meant and also the mood upset is there.

If you are happy then good hormones are released in your body and the immunity will also boost up so if you are suffering from stress anxiety and from your sleep.

You can get rid of your stress anxiety and have a good night’s sleep and if you are suffering from constipation. Understood that immunity is not a single-point game it is a game of five points that you have to cover up in your daily life so if you like.

This article then gives it comment please share this article with your family and friends because by sharing this you are sharing knowledge to the persons which are suffering from infections due to lack of immunity

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