How to make a free blog || How to make a free website

How to make a free blog/website? 

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Hello, Friends welcome to here you find the latest things regarding online earning by today we also going to teach a way of earning from home. We teach you how to make money from home by and how to do a job from home and get paid.

In this post, we going to talk about the WordPress website /blog website. Read complete and create your own website and start online earning.

There are two ways how to earn money online, through Blog/Website or through YouTube. Today we will learn how to make a free blog/website? (How to create a Blog). For creating a website or blog there are two ways. You can use the first free platform like Blogger or WordPress. In this post which we are going to teach you. By buying hosting and domain name like second paid.

Free Blog/website Kaise banaye:
How to make a free blog/website?

Which method should you adopt now the question is that. you should start with the free platform and later you can transfer it to WordPress, if you are a new / beginner, then. If you really want to earn money by creating a blog, then first create a free website and start learning. So let’s not waste time now, let’s know how to make your own website? Or How to make a free website on Google?

How to make a free website on google

The benefits of building a website on Google are many. You can create a website in five minutes on which is a free service from Google. In this, you get many free templates, themes, and many more things. Create a blog on this only I would advise you. You will need a Gmail account to create a website /blog on Blogger. If you do not have, then you can read this post on how to create an email id. So let’s know.

How to make a blog on blogger

Step 1. The first step is to go to and there click on “CREATE YOUR BLOGGER”. home page

Step 2. The second step is to enter your email and then password after that click on Login.

Sign in with Gmail account

Step 3. On this page, you have to fill in some details of your blog/website.

Fill in your blog details

Title (blog/website name): e.g. NayaSeekhon

Address (URL of blog/website): e.g.

Theme – (Select Design)

Step 5. Now Create a Blog! Click on.

If your name is already used by someone. So you will see it written like this (Sorry this blog address is not available) In this case you have to change your URL.

Step 6. Congratulations You have a website of your own. Click on the View blog to see what your website looks like. Click on New Post to write your first post on the website.

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Blog is created

You can create a free blog in this way. Let us now know the second way to create a website.

How to make a blog on WordPress?

2) Go to, click on Get Started on this page.

WordPress home page click on get started

3) Now you have to create your “WordPress Account”.

Create WordPress account

Now click on “Create your account”.

4) Here you have to fill in the details about your blog/website.

Create a site fill your blog details

Now click on Continue.

5) select “Free Url” by filling URL of your website.

Select Blog Domain

6) Now choose a free plan and click on “Start With Free”.

Select Free Plan

8) Take your website has been created. See how your site looks by clicking on View Site.

WordPress Site is Created. By

Conclusion by

With the help of this post, friends, you can learn how to create Blogger (How to Create a Blog) and a free blog website in WordPress. You can buy a domain and hosting for your blog when you will spend some time blogging and gather some information about it. Hopefully, this post of ours, how to make a website? Would have been healthy for you. If you face any problems while creating the website, then feel free to ask by commenting.

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