How To Take Screenshot On Laptop

How to take screenshot on laptop..


Hi guys, welcome to my website. I’m Ammar and today I come with another interesting and informative blog for you. Guys, as you know that laptop is very essential part of our daily routine work. If you are doing job , study or business laptop play an important role in your work. So, today our topic is how to take screenshot on laptop..


Guys as you know that, now a days taking screenshot is very important for capture your work. Anyhow, it’s windows laptop , PC Or mobile you can capture everything on screen and can save it on files. Today, I’ll tell you some ways of how to take screenshot on laptop or PC. Taking screenshot is very easy but we will discuss some ways as following..

How to take screenshot on laptop..

I’ll tell you following methods from which you can take screenshot on laptop with complete detail.

  • By using app
  • With key “Print Screen”
  • Press Key “Alt+PrtScn”
  • key “Window+shift+S”
  • key “Window+G”

How to Take Screenshot on laptop By using app

You can take screenshot on window 7/10 laptop by with using app. The name of app is Snipping Tool. This app capture screenshot on your laptop/Pc screen from where you want.

For doing this first go to “Menu” and search “Snipping tool”

Click on “New” button when you click on it it’s allow you to take SS on laptop from where you want.

You’ll see “Mode” option other hand which will ask you for in which shape you want your screenshot. Then go for it.



Take screenshot with key “Print screen”

You can take SS by using the key “PrtScn”. This is very easy and simple way. You can capture screen by using this key.

The “PrtScn” key is usually on the right of top corner in keyboard.

If you want to screenshot then click on it. After, click on it you can save it on any files of you laptop/Pc.

By using key ” Alt+PrtScn”

You can take screenshot on your laptop by using this key “Alt+PrtScn”. Just press on it and grab your SS on laptop. You can using this key on window 7 and 10.

By using key “Window+shift +S”

This is another key for grab screenshot. Just press this key “Window+shift +S” at the same moment.

When you click on it your screenshot will be copied in clipboard, which you can paste on any files of your system.

How to Take Screenshot on laptop By using key “Window+G”

This key is for gamers. If you are playing games and somewhere you need to grab SS. Then, press this key “Window+G” together.

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So guys, this is the ways from which you can take picture on your laptop or PC. Hopefully guys you like our today blog. Keep following our website for more instructive blog. Thanks!

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