Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Unemployment is on the rise all over the world in general and in countries like ours in particular, people are being laid off, businesses are shutting down, so people’s attention is drawn to online businesses. Alhamdulillah, I have been earning my living by working online for the last many years and living a prosperous life. There are many people in my circle of friends who often ask me how to make money online. How do you make money How can I make money? These are all questions that come to my mind every day, so today’s blog post is in the eyes of all my friends who want to earn a reasonable amount of money while working online and also want to avoid fraudulent methods.

Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet || Internet se paise kamane ke tarikay || How to Make money on internet in Pakistan -


How To Make Money On The Internet is one of the most searched subjects on the Internet these days. Some people are tired of unemployment and some want to quit their job and start their own businesses. For all the friends who are currently working and want to work online, I suggest that you start working online in your spare time after work and continue your job until you start earning a reasonable amount of money. Don’t quit your job and continue working online as part of an online business unless you can earn a living or even a little more. Now comes the question of whether the Internet can really make money ?? The answer to this question is definitely yes and I am a living example of this.

But there is another thing worth noting here, that making money from the internet is not a game of clicks, just click 5 here and 6 here and the money came to your account. Working on the internet is like working in a normal life, just like when you start a job in normal life you have to work more for less pay or start your own business then in the beginning there is no profit at all and the work is very hard. In the same way, any work done on the internet requires time, hard work, patience and honesty. Many people in Pakistan are currently looking for ways to make money from the internet and there are many people in the beloved homeland who are taking advantage of the innocence and ignorance of these innocent people. Remember that if someone is telling you a way to make money on the internet in which work is zero and money is infinite, then it is definitely a fraud.

Let me tell you about 10 ways to make money on the internet that work 100% and are not fraudulent at all. Yes, remember that these methods will only work when you work.


1. Freelancing


That’s how I started my online career and it’s a great way for you to earn money online. If you can write well, be a graphic designer, know web development, work in search engine optimization or social media marketing or specialize in video / audio editing then freelancing can be the best career for you. In addition to these technical tasks, mastery of common tasks that can easily be done sitting on the Internet and do not require a place to go can also give you the best earnings through freelancing. At present, countless people all over the world, including Pakistan, are earning through freelancing.


At the beginning of freelancing you create your account on various freelancing websites like freelancer, firewall, PPH, Upwork, etc. Increase your sales and marketing skills and present yourself to the employer by making yourself a better candidate for the job. Remember these days there is a lot of competition on these websites and only the best person in every way gets the job. Different types of projects are published on these websites, apply on them and deliver in the best way when you get the job. Upon delivery of the work, the person who has published the project will review the project and ask for any changes if needed. Once they have approved your work, freelancing websites will deduct their commission and transfer the money to your account. You can order it from a bank in Pakistan through various methods like Skrill and Payoneer.


If you can’t find work through these websites, you can also get work through your site and social media, but remember that it will also require a lot of hard work. You just have to be further discriminating with the assist you render toward other people. ۔


The following people, websites, and Facebook groups can give you more guidance on freelancing in Pakistan.

·       Pakistan Freelancers

·       Fire Pakistan

·       Upwork Pakistan

·       Hisham Sarwar

·       BeingGuru

You can also contact me for more freelancing guidance, I will try my best to guide you in the light of my knowledge and experience.


2. Affiliate Marketing


If you are fluent in English, can write well or you have the initial capital to do business and at the same time have an interest in marketing then affiliate marketing can be a vast online trade for you. ۔ In this business model, you have to help others sell physical or digital products. You are paid a commission on every product that sells with your reference. Amazon is considered to be the best platform for physical products, as far as digital products are concerned, you can sell e-books, courses, services, anything depending on the theme of your website.

Many people in Pakistan are currently making money through this business model, I suggest that if you come to this business model, you must master the English language, increase your marketing skills, and regularly Get started by learning the job. Just create a website at the beginning and keep its topic or niche very limited. The following people, websites, and groups can help you learn this business model.

·       Blogger Funda

·       Pakistani SEO & Bloggers

·       Waqas Ahmad

·       Nichehacks

·       AuthorityHacker


3. Blogging

Blogging is a very popular and old way of making money online. Within this business model you create a website or blog with the help of WordPress or Blogger, publish excellent and useful content on it, establish a circle of your readers and then various monetization sources like Google AdSense, courses , EBooks or Affiliate. If you choose this business model, try to have English as the language of your blog, although Google AdSense also supports Urdu language, but not much can be earned through AdSense in Urdu.

Blogging is a tedious task and it doesn’t give you results very quickly, so choose the topic of your blog that you are well versed in and at the same time you are interested in it. For those friends who want to make blogging a source of income, I suggest that you put more emphasis on gathering your readership and get the earning out of your mind for a while, once the audience has gathered and the audience Even if you are a Real Fan, then making money through blogging is not a very difficult thing.


The following people, websites and Facebook groups can guide you further about blogging.

·       Blogger Funda

·       Pakistani SEO & Bloggers

·       Online teacher

·       SmartBlogger

·       CopyBlogger

·       ProBlogger

·       BloggingCage


4. YouTube

If you don’t feel nervous in front of the camera and you are good at speaking, you can make YouTube your career instead of blogging. YouTube is currently the most visited website after Google and videos are being viewed and uploaded on YouTube for years at a time.

If you want to earn money from YouTube, choose a topic that you are good at and that topic is also being watched on YouTube. Then go to YouTube and create your own channel, if the language of the channel is English, it is better, otherwise many channels in Urdu language are earning good money. Create quality content for your channel now and upload it to YouTube. If you don’t have a good camera in the beginning, you can record video with a mobile camera or a good webcam. If your channel shares tutorials, etc., you can create screen record videos without a camera, as well as start with Whiteboard Animation or other such videos. If you search on YouTube for any topic on which you are going to start a YouTube channel, you will find a lot of ideas.

Whatever the topic, whatever the videos, content must be standard for success on YouTube. My special request to those who are going to start a YouTube channel in Urdu is to make quality videos, do not fill YouTube with filth in the lure of a few ticks that Pakistanis are already doing this job with great success. Once your channel is successful, you will be able to monetize it through AdSense once the views start coming to it, in addition to making money by selling your audience or affiliate products of yourself or other individuals / organizations. Can earn.

The following people, websites and Facebook groups can guide you further about blogging.

• Youtube Adsense and Bloggers Helper

• Timur Gondal

•     Umar Farooq

• Urdu Tube

• محمد خان

Speaking of YouTube, let me tell you that I also have a number of YouTube channels, please subscribe to it too.

5. Online Advertising

This method is similar to the one I mentioned above about AdSense blogging. If for some reason you can’t find or have a Google AdSense account, you should know that not only Google AdSense but also many other services are working to install online ads. If you have any platform where you have a specific audience, then you can earn money by placing ads on AdSense or any other company like, Chitika, InfoLinks. Also, if your website or YouTube channel is popular, you can get ads directly from companies and individuals.

I don’t like this way of making money because people come to your site to see great content and not to advertise and when you show them a lot of ads they gradually come to your website. Leave

6. E-commerce shop

If you are currently running an offline business, you can create a number of websites and sell them online. Online shopping is very popular all over the world and in some countries, people do online shopping, Pakistan has also seen a lot of popularity in the trend of online shopping after the advent of 3G and 4G, so this is the best time. Sell your products all over the world, including Pakistan by bring your business online.

You can create your own online store with the help of WordPress and WooCommerce, for this you will need hosting which you can buy from SiteGround. If you have good capital, you can also create an online store using Shopify instead of WordPress.

Also read: How to make free Blog / Website

If you already run an offline store, bring it online, find customers through Facebook advertising, and grow your business. If you do not currently have a product to sell, I suggest that you start selling any popular product or gift in your area online, as the people of Multan can sell Sohan Halwa, Kamalia Wale Khaddar and Chakwal herds can be sold online. Start small and grow over time.

This post is still under construction, and other sources of income from the Internet will be written soon.

7. Dropshipping

8. Infoproducts

9. Online teaching

10. Virtual jobs

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